This is New York

Stewart had been a guest on the WCBS radio show in March of 1957, and now he was back for a second visit with host Bill Leonard. The date was May 30, 1958. Here is the New York Times listing for the program. Stewart seems to have been wedged in between a sculptor and an…

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Radio’s Greatest Westerns

Radio’s Greatest Westerns was a 5-CD set issued in1992 by Prime Time Nostalgia (PTN-728). It featured shows from five radio programs – Gunsmoke starring William Conrad, Fort Laramie starring Raymond Burr, Hopalong Cassidy starring William Boyd, The Cisco Kid Starring Jack Mather and The Six Shooter starring Jimmy Stewart. All five of the leading men…

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Jimmy Stewart for Sealtest

Stewart appeared with Dorothy Lamour and Eddie Bracken on the May 26, 1949, edition of the Sealtest Variety Theater. Here are a few additions to what we had to say about this show in Jimmy Stewart on the Air. First, here’s a display ad that appeared in the Syracuse Herald-Journal on the day of the…

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Monitor (May 26, 1957)

Verification for Stewart’s appearance comes from two different listings. The first is from the New York Times and the second is from the St. Petersburg Times, St. Petersburg. FL. The Stewart segment is not available. The Sunday evening hosts for Monitor during this time period were Dave Garroway and Don Russell. 000

A Tribute to Glenn Miller

As discussed in Jimmy Stewart on the Air, Jack Cullen had a show on CKNW, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, called Sunday Special. The show was 90-minutes in length. On one Sunday in 1971, he dedicated the entire program to Glenn Miller. He played lots of Miller music and talked with people who had been involved…

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Bing Sings Again

This set was pressed by RCA for The Reader’s Digest Association. It was issued both as a three tape 8-track cassette (RD5-138) set and an eight LP boxed set (RD4-138). The set also includes a 16-page booklet with many photos and stories about each song included. Many duets by Crosby and his radio guests are…

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