Special Recording for NBC

This special promotional disc is part of the NBC Collection at the Library of Congress. The label is marked #71276 and dated June 29, 1953. The Library of Congress labels the disc simply “Commercials.” It features three tracks, one for each of three new shows which NBC was thinking of adding to its schedule –…

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Weekend: Cover Story

On January 30, 1955, NBC’s Weekend Cover Story was an analysis of the Strategic Air Command. Jimmy Stewart, a World War II pilot, was one of the guests. This listing is from The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN. The show aired from 2-4 p.m. The program is not available, so Stewart’s contribution is not known. 000 Read More

United We Stand

The main purpose of this special program was to promote and raise money for the USO and the work it would be doing. The special program was broadcast by NBC-Blue, CBS and MBS from 9:30-10 p.m., Eastern time. Bob Trout was the show’s announcer. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA, printed a story about the show…

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Destry Rides Again – The Playaway Version

Radio Spirits has been producing old-time radio shows and sets for many years. Beginning with cassettes, they kept pace with the technology into the age of CD’s and .mp3’s. Along the way, in the early 2000’s, they introduced their own format which they called “Playaway.” The Playaway device was 3.25 x 2 inches in size…

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Untitled NBC Program

The following article appeared in the November 13, 1954, edition of Billboard magazine: No direct mention of either the Glenn Miller or the Bing Crosby shows has yet been found in radio listings. The only two-hour block of time on NBC on Sunday afternoon is for a show called Weekend. The following block listing for…

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Year of the Elephant

We just recently discovered this short story which appeared on the September 12, 1988, edition of Broadcasting magazine: Having never seen any other references to these public service announcements, we began to search. A second piece of information confirmed that the spots had, indeed, been recorded. This proof came from the Fall 2000 issue of…

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Cheyenne Autumn – Soundtrack CD

In 2016, the complete soundtrack for the 1964 film, Cheyenne Autumn, was issued in the U.S. (Intrada Special Collection Volume 362) as a 2-CD set. The music was composed and conducted by Alex North. The booklet accompanying the CD had one photo with Jimmy Stewart. All of the musicians appearing on the soundtrack were also…

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