Command Performance

Command Performance was produced by the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) as entertainment for our troops, especially those stationed outside the U.S. Both the host and the guests on each program were chosen from requests received from servicemen. Jimmy Stewart is known to have appeared on just one show.

The show was number 260 in the series and was broadcast on April 13, 1947. The host for the show was Donna Reed and the other guests included The Meltones (they performed Ole Buttermilk Sky), Leo DeRogers, Danny Thomas and jazz singer Jeannie McKeon, who sang You Keep Coming Back Like a Song. The show was directed by Glenn Wheaton and produced by Vick Knight, Maury Holland and Cal Kuhl. Wendell Niles was the announcer.

The show is not available and it is not known what Mr. Stewart’s contribution may have been.