For Services Rendered – Newly Discovered Radio Broadcast

In 1945, the United States was about to begin its Victory Loan Bound Drive. To start the event, a radio broadcast was scheduled for 7:30-8 p.m. on Sunday, October 28th. The first hint of the program came on October 24th, when many newspapers carried an article like the one below from the Tucson Daily Citizen:

Tucson Daily Citizen 10-24-45Stewart was listed as the star of the CBS presentation, For Services Rendered. Each of the other networks would broadcast their own portion of the show. Then, all five would carry the same message from Fred M. Vinson, Secretary of the Treasury.

Newspaper radio listings on the day of the broadcast were skimpy with information and, like the one below from the New York Times, simply listed the title, not mentioning the star:

NYT 7.30-8 10-28-45Broadcasting magazine, in their issue dated October 29, 1945, carried the following information about the CBS program and Stewart’s involvement:

Broadcast 10-29-45

The March 31, 1945, edition of Variety carried this review of the show:

Variety 3-31-45

This adds some new information to the puzzle. Appearing with Stewart were Thelma and True Boardman, William Tracy Moore and Mawrie Murphy. The script was written by Millard Lampell and True Boardman directed.

No audio seems to exist, although we will not give up the search.