Jimmy Stewart Interview Part 1

We have a Jimmy Stewart interview on a 10-inch reel-to-reel tape in our collection. It has just recently been digitized. The only information about the source of this tape are two tags – one on the edge of the tape box…

…and one on the 10-inch reel itself.

Both supply the same information. The interview occurred at the Los Angeles Art Museum on February 8, 1975. From the talk during the interview, it would appear as if the art museum was holding some kind of film festival and that the star of the film being shown was invited to be questioned by both a moderator and the audience. The Stewart interview is a very good one, with lots of insights you might not get from any other source.

We have decided to break this down into four separate blogs which will appear on consecutive days. Part 1, which you will hear today, has Stewart talking about the film they have just watched.