Silver Theater – Misty Mountain Part 1

The Silver Theater presented Grover Jones and True Broadman’s Misty Mountain in two parts, broadcast on January 22 and January 29, 1939. The program was sponsored by International Silver Company, International Silver and 1947 Rogers Brothers Silverware. Conrad Nagel was the director and master of ceremonies, John Conte the announcer and the music for the show was scored and conducted by Felix Mills. Stewart’s co-stars were Jane Bryan as Mary Lou Masters and John Gibson as Elmer Sloan.

Jane BryanJane Bryan, shown above in a publicity photo, is not one of the better remembered actresses today. But, in 1939, she was being prepared to become one of the leading ladies at Warner Brothers. Then on New Year’s Eve, 1939, she married Justin Dart, who would take over United Drug Company and turn it into Rexall Drug. Bryan would not act in films or radio again.

Part one of the broadcast was previewed this way in the January 22, 1939, edition of the Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI:

WSJ 1-22-39

In part one of the story, Jimmy’s character, Rusty Lane, is a pilot who receives an emergency call from Mary Lou Masters and lands his plane in a mountainous area, only to find out that there was no real emergency.

Act 1:

Act 2:

We’ll have part two of Misty Mountain for you in tomorrow’s blog.