Special Recording for NBC

This special promotional disc is part of the NBC Collection at the Library of Congress. The label is marked #71276 and dated June 29, 1953. The Library of Congress labels the disc simply “Commercials.” It features three tracks, one for each of three new shows which NBC was thinking of adding to its schedule – The Six Shooter, Second Chance and Cousin Willie. The exact purpose of the disc isn’t clear, but it most likely was used to promote these new shows to station managers and possibly potential sponsors.

Stewart’s band begins with his explanation of why he was doing the show. It is taken directly from the NBC audition show where it appeared between the first and second acts.

The second part of the Stewart band is a very dramatic 2:39 segment from near the end of the audition program. The segment is mainly Stewart, with just a few lines from William Conrad as Ed Scofield. The dramatic effect of the scene would be sure to give the listener a very good idea of what to expect from the series.