The Six Shooter – Anna Nordquist

Broadcast on May 6, 1954, Anna Nordquist is given as the title as the second act is introduced. Despite this, other titles, including Mail Order Bride, Swedish Bride and The Accused, are sometimes used as titles for this program.

A short preview of the show appeared in the Tucson Daily Citizen, Tucson, AZ, on the day of the broadcast.

Tucson Daily Citizen 5-6-54Stewart’s supporting cast included Lillian Byeff as Anna Nordquist, Bill Johnstone as Windy Knight, Lou Merrill as Marshal Ned Burke and Harry “Killer” Bartell as Peter Kelgrin. Also, Hal Gibney, the show’s original announcer, returned to the show.

Britt is in the town of Smoke Falls for a cattle auction when he learns that Seth Quincy has been murdered by a man named Peter Kelgrin. Later, Britt bumps into a woman named Anna Nordquist and finds out that she has come to town to marry Kelgrin. Britt must find a way to convince her that Pete is a killer.

Act 1:

Act 2: