The Six Shooter – Ben Scofield

Since most of The Six Shooter scripts carried no official title, many shows are known by several. Ben Scofield is also called Horseshoe Clue, The Sherriff’s Son and Holdup at Clay City. This is the third time this particular script had been used by Stewart. It first appeared on the Hollywood Star Playhouse series on April 13, 1952. Then in edited form, it had several as an audition show for NBC.

This November 1, 1953, show is an entirely different production, using many of the same actors as the previous two versions. For this show, the short robbery scene used as an introduction is reinstated (it had been in the Hollywood Star Theater version, but dropped from the audition version). Now, William Conrad acts as the narrator and the role of the bandit is played by Jimmy McCallion, not Bert Holland as in the Hollywood Star Theater show. As in the first two shows Bill Conrad plays the role of Ben Scofield, Parley Baer is Fred Wilmer and Herb Vigran is “Heavy” Norton.

This short preview of the show appeared in the Sunday Journal and Star, Lincoln, NE, on the day of the broadcast.

Sunda Journal and Star, Lincoln, NE 11-1-53

Act 1:

Act 2: