The Six Shooter – Cheyenne Express

The Six Shooter had been pre-empted the previous week by a political program featuring Vice President Richard Nixon at a meeting of the American Association for the United Nations. It returned this week, March 7, 1954, with Cheyenne Express (also known as Wilbur English, The Gang Falls Out and Back Shooter).

This photo ad for the program appeared in the Syracuse Herald-American, Syracuse, NY, on the day of the broadcast.

Syracuse Herald-American 3-7-54

Wilbur English has shot and killed Floyd Winters and now he’s convinced that Floyd’s brother Russ is going to try to kill him. Wilbur wants to take the Cheyenne Express out of town, but Britt advises him not to take the train. Wilbur doesn’t heed Britt’s warning.

Act 1:

Act 2:

Here is a newly found ad from The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL, from the day of this broadcast.