The Six Shooter – Silver Annie

Broadcast on October 11, 1953, Silver Annie was the final show in the series to be sponsored by Coleman. Jeanette Nolan has the role of Silver Annie, Dan O’Herlihy plays her cousin Clyde, Herb Vigran is Judge Drayton, Parley Baer is Doc Cross and Robert Griffin plays both Thad Nelson and the sheriff.

As in previous weeks, the newspaper ads used The Six Shooter and other NBC programs in one larger ad like the one below from The Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL.

The Pantagraph, Bloomington, IL 10-11-53

A railroad is about to be built through Virtue City, but Silver Annie is holding things up because she won’t sell her silver mine. Even though the mine hasn’t produced in years, she holds hope of finding a new vein. When her cousin starts a sanity hearing for Annie, Britt takes steps to save her.

In two parts, here is Silver Annie.

This script was later re-written for television. The title was changed to The Town with a Past and it was broadcast on the General Electric Theater on February 10, 1957. Stewart starred as Britt and Silver Annie was portrayed by Beulah Bondi. We don’t believe this show is available to watch anywhere on the internet, but here courtesy of  is a link to watch it.

The Town with a Past

Update: March 7, 2018

Today we’re adding a scan of the Mr. Stewart’s contract for The Town with a Past. Although not strictly a radio document, we thought our readers might like to see it.