You Are the Flag

This special audio-visual presentation was prepared by Milton Caniff and Jimmy Stewart. Caniff did the artwork and wrote the text of You Are the Flag and Stewart tape recorded the text. His reading is backed by Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians.

The mural and reading were made a permanent part of the Scout Center of the Allegheny Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America building in western Pennsylvania. This article about the exhibit is from the June 27, 1968, edition of The Pittsburgh Press:

The Pittsburgh Press (PA) 6-27-68

Later the presentation was sold by the National Flag Foundation. This ad appeared in The Rotarian, a publication of The Rotary Club, in the April, 1977 issue:

The Rotarian April 1977

To date, no copies of this slide show and cassette have been located, but the search continues.

The text of Mr. Stewart’s narration is as follows:

The Pittsburgh Press (PA) a 6-27-68