Bandolero – Soundtrack

Bandolero was a 1968 western which starred Stewart, Raquel Welch, Dean Martin and George Kennedy. A soundtrack album, featuring the Jerry Goldsmith songs conducted by Lionel Newman, was issued at the time and has been re-issued many times since. Here are the U.S. releases of the album in order of their appearance.

Project 3 Records 5026 (mono)/5026-SD (stereo)

Intrada Vol. 16 (2)

Intrada Vol. 16 (5)



The album was issued in a gatefold jacket with several photos from the film inside, including this one of Stewart:


The tracks included on this original album were:

Main Title
The Trap
El Jefe
The Bait
Dee’s Proposal
Across The River
A Bad Day for Hanging
A Better Way

From the album, here is A Better Way:

In 1989, the album was released on CD for the first time:

Project 3 Records PRD 5026


The tracks were exactly the same as those on the original album.

In 1993, it was issued again on CD, this time on a different label. Again, the tracks remained the same.

Intrada VJF5003D


In 2004,Intrada re-issued the CD, this time with bonus tracks.

Intrada Special Collection Vol. 16

Intrada Vol. 16 (1)

This is an expanded edition of the soundtrack and was limited to 1,500 copies. It had a re-mixed version of the soundtrack, the original 1968 version of the soundtrack and two bonus tracks. The bonus tracks, both demos, were:

Maria’s Theme
Bandolero! Theme

In 2013, another CD re-issue was released, this one slightly different than the one above.

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1256

La-La LandThis one had the remixed soundtrack, the original 1968 soundtrack, the two bonus tracks, plus one additional bonus track:

Main Title (without whistle)

Besides the soundtrack album, at least two different single versions of A Better Way, re-titled There’s Got to Be a Better Way (lyrics by Sammy Cahn), were issued in 1968. The first was by Hugo Montenegro, his Orchestra and Chorus (RCA 47-9638):


The second was by Bud Shank:

Bud Shank - Bandolero

Neither single charted.

Sheet music was also issued:

Bandolero sheet music