Christmas Seals Update

Christmas Seals are distributed each year by the Lung Association, formerly known as the National Tuberculosis Association. Most years, celebrities recorded public service announcements which were distributed to radio stations for airplay. As described in Jimmy Stewart on the Air, Stewart appeared on several such discs.

The 1958 disc has continued to elude our collection efforts, but we have been able to obtained this audio from another collector.

The 1961 disc was a 12-inch disc, playing at 33 1/3 RPM, as were the remaining discs listed here.


Those appearing on side one of the record were: Mel Allen, Charles O. Finley, Laurence Harvey, James Garner, Richard Widmark, William Bendix, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, Jack Webb and Jack Lemmon.

Here’s a scan of the 1963 sleeve and label, showing all of those who appear:



Mr. Stewart’s message is the same as that appearing on the 1961 disc.

The final disc which we have thus far located is for the 1964 campaign. Here are scans of the sleeve and jacket:



Once again, Stewart’s message is the same as that used in 1961. However, music has been added in the background, making the spot somewhat longer.

Those appearing on side one of the record were: Danny Kaye, Efram Zimbalist Jr., Eva Marie Saint, Ernie Ford, Frank Sinatra, Giselle MacKenzie, Bob Hope, Bea Benadaret, Robert Young, George Makaris, Shirley MacLaine, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.