Old Time Radio Christmas Collection

Released in the early 1990’s by Metacam, this was a very interesting set. Not so much for the radio shows it included, but for its packaging. There were four cassettes included in this set and they were issued in a special wooden case made to look like an antique shop decorated for the holidays.




The four shows it featured were the Bing Crosby Show (December 19, 1951), the Burns & Allen Show (December 23, 1941), the Jack Benny Show (December 2, 1951), and the Screen Directors’ Playhouse version of It’s a Wonderful Life, which had originally been broadcast on May 8, 1949, not at Christmas time.



All of these programs had previously been issued by Metacam as single cassettes.

All of these cassettes had previously been issued by Metacam as single cassettes, but if you would like to search for a copy of this set for your collection, you are more likely to find one at this time of year so we’ve included it as a separate blog.