Hawkins on Murder – Soundtrack

Hawkins was a short lived television series starring Jimmy Stewart as an investigative southern lawyer named Billy Jim Hawkins and co-starred Strother Martin as R.J. Hawkins, Billy Jim’s cousin. The program was part of The New CBS Tuesday Night Movie series and was only seen every third week.

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The show was cancelled after just one season and only seven, 90-minute, programs were produced. Despite its cancellation, Stewart did win a Golden Globe Award for “Best Actor in a Television Drama Series.”

Although the series was on the air during the 1973-1974 TV season, the soundtrack CD was not issued until 2005 (Turner Classic Movies Music FSM Vol. 6 No. 13).

Hawkins on MurderThe CD actually features the Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks for three made-for-TV films – Hawkins on Murder, Winter Kill, starring Andy Griffith, and Babe, starring Susan Clark. According to the CD’s liner notes, the Hawkins on Murder songs are presented as a four-track suite which includes:

The Bodies/Main Title/No Tourist Attraction/A Stranger in the House/The Beach/All That Can Be Done
No Worries/It Won’t Happen/A Couple of Kicks/Sarabande
A Strange Freedom/A Second Time
Julia’s Confession/End Title

One of the CD’s bonus tracks, Main Title, features a reprise of the Hawkins theme as it was heard in other episodes of the Stewart series on CBS.

Here is that bonus track: