It Pays to Be Ignorant

Jimmy Stewart’s one appearance on this CBS program was covered in Jimmy Stewart on the Air, but newspaper articles and audio are going to be included here to make the experience more complete. The show was hosted by Tom Howard. The panelists for the January 24, 1947, program on which Stewart appeared were George Shelton, Henry McNaughton and Kate Smith who was filling in for Lulu McConnell who missed the show because of an illness.

Many newspapers were more interested in Kate Smith’s appearance than Stewart’s. This preview from the Mason City Globe-Gazette, Mason City, IA, doesn’t even mention Stewart:

Mason City (IA) Globe-Gazette 1-24-47

This small blurb from the New York Times does mention Stewart as a guest:

NTY 1-24-47

The humor on this show could best be classified as silly, cornball and nonsensical; kind of the audible version of the Three Stooges slapstick comedy. As an example, when Mr. Howard asks, “Can a letterbox?” he gets the answer, No, but a sardine can.” The humor is definitely not for everyone. If it doesn’t sound like your cup-of-tea, I have divided the show into two parts. The second part begins with Mr. Stewart’s segment, so that you can listen to just that if you like. If you’re up for a real adventure, listen to the entire show.

Jimmy walked away from the show with a grand total of $24.70 in winnings in his pocket. According to newspaper articles like the one below, he didn’t keep all of the money.

Photo #256