The Six Shooter – The Capture of Stacy Gault

This installment of The Six Shooter was broadcast on November 8, 1953. The following preview is from The Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL, on the day of the broadcast.

he Decatur Herald 11-8-53 (IL)

In the southern California area, the show was part of a display ad in The Fresno Bee, Fresno, CA.

The Fresno Bee (CA) 11-8-53

Starring with Stewart are Eleanor Audley as Ma Benson, Barney Phillips as Amos Foster, Forrest Lewis as Ed Scott and Parley Baer as Seth Tooley.

Britt finds the town of Elk Point nearly deserted because bank robber Stacy Gault is said to be headed for the town. When a stranger shows up and asks for a hotel room, the sheriff wants to go in and take him with guns blazing. Britt, however, has a better idea.

Act 1:

Act 2: