Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, after more than two years and more than 890 posts, the final post has been posted…at least until we find something new. We will, of course continue to update old posts and add new ones when we find new material. Many of you may still have unread and/or unheard posts to go through. Enjoy yourself as you do.

There are still a few items known to exist for which we will continue searching. For instance, there are still many AFRS and possibly NBC, discs for The Six Shooter to add to our collection. There is still an AFRS disc with the one missing Winnie the Pooh story narrated by Jimmy Stewart to go along with the disc already in our posts. And, of course, there are still hundreds, maybe thousands of radio related magazines to search for new Stewart related materials and photos.

We know of Stewart radio materials that are located in the Library of Congress, the Paley Museum and in several college libraries around the country. Eventually, we hope to visit all of these locations and listen to everything available. When we do, we will update all the current posts involved.

Even as we write this, we have placed bids for three new items in two separate private auctions. The auctions end in mid to late October. So, if our bids are successful, you’ll be seeing those new posts in a month or so.

So please keep checking back because as long as we are able, we will continue to try to make this the most complete source for information about Jimmy Stewart’s radio and recording career.

THANK YOU for your support. We’re really glad to see that Jimmy Stewart still has so many fans!