Academy Awards Show – March 19, 1953

For the first time, the Academy Awards Show was broadcast on both radio and television. The newspaper publicity for the program did not mention Stewart, but this is because he was a presenter, not a nominee. Most newspapers carried this United Press report:

Daily Facts, Redlands, CA 3-19-53

A few also carried display ads, like this one from the Morning Avalanche, Lubbock, TX:

Morning Avalanche, Lubbock, TX 3-19-53

Stewart and Joan Fontaine were the co-presenters for the Art Direction-Set Decoration awards. They read the nominees and announced the winner, The Bad and the Beautiful. The winners of the black-and-white award were Cedric Gibbons and Edward Carfagno (art direction) and Edwin B. Willis and Keogh Gleason (set decoration).

This program is not available.