The Six Shooter – The Double Seven

The Double Seven, also known as Ranchers vs. Sodbusters and Half-Way Creek, was broadcast on May 13, 1954. A short preview of the show was published in the Oakland Tribute, Oakland, CA, on the day of the broadcast.

Oakland Tribune 5-13-54

Joining Stewart in the cast were Lamont Johnson as Clint Sutton, Gerald Mohr as Gid Babscomb, Bob Griffin as Rufe Lovett, Parley Baer as Perry Wautel and Howard McNear as Christy Ott.

Someone has been rustling cattle from the Half-Way Creek ranchers. The ranchers believe it to be the work of sodbusters and plan to drive them out. Britt uncovers the real truth of the situation.

Act 1:

Act 2: